Will you be able to have sex with old school celebrities in VR?

Celebrities, love them or hate them, they’re going to stay. Celebrities have been an integral part of American culture for the last few decades. This trend has spread onto the rest of the Western half of the Earth. This is human nature, people have always enjoyed fame and attention since the inception of humankind.


With celeb culture on the rise, it is not a surprise to know that many people are interested in these celebrities in a sexual sense, after all, they are mostly incredibly good looking people. This naturally leads people into wanting to have sex with them, in addition to the potential nostalgia they might feel.

VR porn and VR sex videos could be the solution to this. It is a certainty that not everyone will have the needed charisma, be at the right place, or have the opportunity to screw their celebrity of choice. Because of this traditionally difficult issue, many VR porn developers have stepped up their game when it comes to recreating realistic body shapes and faces in VR.

While one way to find VR porn of an old school celebrity is to wait and hope for them to do porn, this isn’t a very productive endeavor. With VR porn games on the rise, we can see that the technology to support VR sex with a digital object is slowly approaching. The Japanese are even developing special robots to stimulate the penis during this intercourse, making it feel as if there’s an actual woman.

These two together already make the experience of VR porn almost life-like. The line between reality and the virtual becoming so thin you can barely see it, and this is from developing the technology. VR technology is far from an old field. It has scarcely begun developing, and yet it has reached heights many have speculated it never would.

Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to see that in the future, we might be able to make photo-realistic digital imprints of people, and later have sex with them. With machine learning used for any non-nude parts, we’d be able to have a virtually perfect program, capable of reproducing any person in a VR-porn fashion. All of these factors combined would let you get it on with your celeb of choice.